The Month Prisoner Tayseer Al-Najjar

Name:Tayseer Al-Najjar

Occupation: Journalist

Country: UAE

Nationality: Jordanian

Age: 43 years

Current Situation: Detained since the 13th of December, 2015

Tayseer Al-Najjar is a Jordanian writer and journalist, and a member of the Jordanian Press Association (JPA) and the Jordanian Writers Union. He worked in the culture section for the daily-based Al-Dostour newspaper, and has several books, most notably “A Virgin Woman Every Day”. He is the father of five children, with whom he and his wife live at Al-Rashid suburb in the capital Oman.

On the 13th of December 2015, Al-Najjar was detained by the security bodies, and his detention hadn’t been disclosed until the 22th of January 2016. There had been some ambiguities in the case until March 2016, when Majida Hourani, al-Najjar’s wife was able to speak to her husband by telephone since his transfer to Al Wathba prison in early March. She said that her husband told her he has not been formally charged yet, and that UAE authorities had questioned him about some comments he posted in the social media websites in July 2014, nearly a year before he moved to the UAE to take up employment there.

Earlier on 3 December 2015, Al-Najjar was barred from travelling to Oman by the security services without declaring any reasons for the travel ban. In the morning of 13 December, Abu Dhabi International Airport Police telephoned him asking him to come to the airport in order to board his flight to Jordan. However, when he went there, he was detained without notifying his family or the Jordanian Embassy, amid a media blackout as his whereabouts hadn’t been revealed. Six months prior to his detention, Al-Najjar moved to Abu Dhabi to work for the government-affiliated center Aljewa for Culture and Media, after taking a 7-month leave from his job in Oman.

Thereafter, on the 3rd of February 2016, the Jordanian journalists staged a sit-in in front of their syndicate in protest against the detention of Tayseer Al-Najjar and the inaction of the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, warning to take escalating moves in the matter. On the other hand, the UAE Ambassador to Jordan “Bilal Rabie Bilal Al Bodour” announced on the same day he has had no knowledge of the circumstances of Al-Najjar’s detention, stressing that he will be communicating with his family and the Emirati government to follow up the case until his release or unraveling the issue. Moreover, on Saturday the 6th of February 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs’ spokesperson, Sabah Al Rafei, said that efforts are being exerted by all the Jordanian competent authorities to communicate with the UAE bodies through diplomatic channels to reveal the fate of the journalist Tayseer Al-Najjar and the vagueness of his case.

What can you do?

1- You can send appeals to end Tayseer Al-Najjar’s incarceration to:

President of the United Arab Emirates H.H Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Bainounah Street

Abu Dhabi, PO Box 124

The United Arab Emirates

Fax number: 26686622 (971) +


Ministry of Presidential Affairs

2- You can send appeals to end Tayseer Al-Najjar’s incarceration to:

Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, PO Box 836

Fax no.: (+971 2 681 2846)


3- You can send appeals to end Tayseer Al-Najjar’s incarceration to:

Royal Hashemite Court (RHC)

Amman, Jordan 11100

Tel: 4637341 600 962

Fax: 600 962 4634641


4- You can send appeals to end Tayseer Al-Najjar’s incarceration to:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs

Tel no.: 24634395 – 24699500 (968) +

Muscat, PO Box 252


5- Share pictures and information about Tayseer Al-Najjar, and send them to newspapers in your country, in order not to sink into oblivion.

6- Post images of Tayseer Al-Najjar on your Facebook & Twitter accounts using the hashtag #حريتهم_حقهم


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