The Prisoner of May 2015 , Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed Hussein Youssef

Name: Mahmoud Mohammed Ahmed Hussein Youssef

Job: Student

Age: 18CNN 25 Egypt(3)

Under pre-trial detention since 25 January, 2014; more than 440 days now.

Mahmoud Mohammed got arrested just a few days after his 18th birthday in January 2014.

Mahmoud is a student in the second secondary grade (high school), the police arrested him from Al Marg st. in North Cairo while he was on his way home, on the third anniversary of 25 January 2011 Revolution, for wearing a T-shirt written on it “Nation without Torture” and a scarf written on it “Jan 25”.


Mahmoud Mohammed was physically and verbally assaulted by the police during his arrest, and upon arriving at Al-Marg Police Station, he was subjected to much more severe torture; he was dragged over the floor, kicked, he and his family insulted, he got electrically shocked in sensitive parts of his body, deprived of sleep for many days because of the pain resulting from torture, and a National Security officer tortured him to force a confession out of him,


a confession with the common accusation, which has become a justification for torture and impunity; belonging to the “Muslim Brotherhood”!

Mahmoud Mohammed, like hundreds or thousands of prisoners, is not a member of the MB, nor any party or group, he even took part in the demonstrations that went out against the rule of the MB during the term of ousted president Mohammed Morsi.


Mahmoud Mohammed gets brought before the prosecution using communique No. 715/2014 Al-Marg Administrative, he gets 15 days imprisonment renewal, and the sessions, the postponing, the imprisonment renewal goes on and on for more than 460 days, he was neither released nor referred to trial.

Just prolonged and continuous pre-trial detention.

Mahmoud Mohammed’s crime is that he expressed his opinion through a T-shirt “Nation without Torture”.

So he was put in jail in a condition more difficult than getting arrested and more difficult than conviction, an open and extended prison.


Mahmoud gets moved between Al-Marg Police Station, Abu Zaabal prison and the appeal prison, he gets assaulted, complaints get filed to the public prosecutor, yet the public prosecution takes no action towards these complaints.

A silent expression of opinion was the reason behind putting a young man under 20 behind bars, torturing him and stopping his education.

Mahmoud Mohammed is the prisoner with whom we launch our campaign #TheirFreedomIsTheirRight – #حريتهم_حقهم


What you can do:

  • Write to: The Egyptian Public Prosecutor, reminding him of his role in protecting the principles of justice and searching for the truth and the rule of law, reminding him that pre-trial detention should be used in narrow circumstances, and reminding him that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Remind him that the imprisonment of a young man for more than 440 days without a trial and without releasing him is harmful for the reputation of the judiciary and the principles of justice in Egypt.


The Public Prosecutor Office Address: Dar al-Qadha al-Ali, Ramses Street, Cairo, Egypt Tel: Fax 25743751-25760468


  • Post a comment on The Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s facebook page, demanding Mahmoud Mohammed’s freedom:


  • Share pictures and information about Mahmoud Mohammed, send it to newspapers in your country and in your city, so that Mahmoud will not stay the prey of oblivion.


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